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Reference: D1165
Provenance: Doug Goulding
Date: 1992
Location: Filing Cabinet
Description: Programme and scripts prepared by Joy Peerless for re-enactment of Mummers plays given at HOTS Christmas social. Photographs are P796

Reference: P796
Date: December 2000
Location: Filing cabinet
Description: 15 Photos of social evening - Mummers' Play in Christ Church. 1 - Doug Goulding; 2 - Pat Hills, Joy Peerless, Liam Keating; 3 - Jane Haines, Alan Twelvetree; 4 - Eileen Davies; 12 - Geoff Haines; 14 - Ian Smith, Geoff Haines, John Wright; 15 - Bryan Taylor, Ian Smith, Geoff Haines, John Wright. See also D1165.